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Module One Written Assignment

textbook: "Reading and Learning to Read (6th ed. or 7th ed.), by Jo Ann L. Vacca, Richard T. Vacca, Mary Grove, Linda Burkey, Lisa S. Lenhart, and Christine McKeon. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. "

Chapter 1 discusses teachers’ knowledge and beliefs about reading. Chapter 2 discusses approaches to reading instruction. In one paragraph about each, describe these instructional approaches: a.) Basal Reading Approach, b.) Language-Experience Approach, c.) Integrated Language Arts, d.) Literature-Based Instruction, and e.) Technology-Based Instruction. Compare and contrast what the textbook authors said about these instructional approaches. Conclude with one paragraph in which you justify the instructional approach that you feel is most important in the teaching of reading in the elementary grades.
Review the "Formatting Assignments" document that can be found under the Course Info button. Be sure to include a reference list and in-text citations. Go to Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) for information and examples of APA formatting. An abstract and running head are not required. Your reference list must include the course textbook and other professional literature consulted for this assignment. Click on the link below to submit your assignment.
Assignments submitted LATE will automatically receive a 10% deduction. Each assignment must be uploaded as a Word document with a .doc or .docx extension. The assignment should be saved with the filename in the format with no spaces "YourLastName665-1.doc" or "YourLastName665-1.docx" with the digit 1 specifying the assignment number (no spaces in the filename). Assignments that are not in this format will not be opened. You will receive feedback and grade on each assignment. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and APA formatting will be considered in the grading of assignments.