Persuasive essay

An essay is a piece of writing which basically represents an author’s point of view in regards to the topic at hand. A persuasive essay is meant to incline someone’s reasoning towards a certain direction. First and foremost, a persuasive essay should have the guiding title, followed by the first part, which should be the introduction. This is meant to introduce the title to the readers.

The introduction part of the essay should also give an overview of the rest of the essay’s body.The main body of the persuasive essay should begin with the thesis statement followed by several appropriate supporting paragraphs. The thesis statement shows what the writer is trying to convince the readers about. The thesis statement of the persuasive essay should be as captivating as possible, to ensure that the readers are persuaded. It should act as the hook or the bait to capture the reader’s minds. It can be compared to an eye catching advert that keeps a person longing to grab the commodity being advertized.

The paragraphs should support the main thesis with well known facts and testimonial statements from well known sources. In you quote any secondary material, ensure that it is cited in the correct format for example the Harvard or the MLA referencing styles, as this portrays professional writing. Use of facts is a plus because facts are hardly debated and the chances of persuading the readers are quite high.

The last part of the persuasive essay is the conclusion. This is a very important part. It is the call to action and ought to remind the reader of the thesis statement and the facts stated. It can be compared to the buy button in an online buying environment. Ensure that you capture and highlight all the major points discussed in the earlier parts of the persuasive essay topic.

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