Organizational Metaphors Essay

Organizational Metaphors Essay
Students will develop a comparison and contrast essay of two organizational metaphors discussed in the Morgan text.- {Morgan, G. (1996). Images of organization. 2nd ed. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.}
Metaphor 1
Using one of the metaphors (and its concepts, theories and models) from the Morgan text is clearly examined. (Approximately 2 – 3 pages)
Metaphor 2
Select a contrasting metaphor from the Morgan text. Using this second metaphor (and its concepts, theories and models) and make sure it is clearly examined. (Approximately 3 – 4 pages)
Conclusion Here in part 4 draw conclusions from your analyses. Given an analysis of the from two perspectives what can you conclude about each perspective. (Approximately 2 – 3 pages)
Part 5: Reflection
Conclude your paper by discussing what you learned about doctoral level research by completing the assignment. (Approximately 2 – 3 pages)
The paper includes a discussion of the role of metaphors in organizational diagnosis. Both metaphors from the Morgan text are clearly explained.
The metaphors to be discussed are: The machine and political system

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