North American Birds

objective is to provide quality content for a monthly newsletter called “Wild Bird”. Absolutely feel free to change the Paper Topic title.

The topic can be on ANYTHING that has to do with wild North American birds. Last two articles written were titled Magnificent Nomad” about Snowy Owls, and “Nature’s Warning” about decreasing bird population.
Submit your topic ideas and I’ll pick one. Include relevant sub-topic headings in article as these will help search engines find the article. Another words put word phrases that appear in sub topic headings also in the associated paragraph.
It’s easy to think of a topic about wild birds, What’s the smallest N. American bird, the largest, fastest, most endangered, fascinating habits, bird habitats, advice on sheltering wild birds, feeding, photographing birds, role in the eco system, what happened to Passenger Pigeon, Labrador Duck, Carolina Parakeet, Eskimo Curlew ..?
These are just suggestions, love to hear your ideas. I can use a stock photo library to illustrate your article..just concentrate on flow, accuracy, and interest.