Managing Day Care & Residential Settings

Managing Day Care & Residential Settings


Critical thinking is very important:

Leaning outcomes:
1. Discuss key aspects relating to the efficient management of care settings.Consider in more depth the challenges raised by the promotion of client independence, the effective management of care and control and achieve a balance between freedom and safety through effective risk management. Examine how effective care planning and efficient management of a residential /day care setting can
Enhance the achievement of the best possible outcomes for service users.

2. Demonstrate an under-standing of issues pertaining to equality and diversity.
Choose a care setting, examine and evaluate the concepts of inequality, knowledge, power, freedom, identity, rights and reflect on possible sources of discrimination between service procedures.Explore current legislation relevant in the management of a care setting .
3. Summarise the importance of working within a multi-disciplinary network and the overall importance of team work.
Discuss the essence of a multi-disciplinary and team working and reflect on the roles of the team in a multi-agency environment.
4. Establish the requirements to achieve and maintain a contract of registration with Local Government or Health Care Trusts to provide a care service.Examine the roles of Local Government/Health Care Trusts/Social Services and explore the statutory requirements as well as the approaches to achieve a contract with the Local Authority or Health Care Trusts to provide a care services.

• Registration requirements
• Management theories
• Care Standards Act 2000; OFSTED requirements
• OFSTED/QAA Requirements
• Interagency and Inter-professional working
• Recognition of the consumer market and individual needs
• Staff training and appraisal
• Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
• Evacuation procedures
• Medication Policy
• Rights of the service user, staff and visitors
• Advocacy and Guardian ad Litem
• Maintenance of the environment
• Role of Local Authority/Health Authority
• The role of Social Services
• Statutory requirements
• Implementation of policies and procedures
• Regulatory inspections.

• Size 12 font e.g. Times New Roman
• Double line spaced
• Right hand margin 20mm / 0.75”
• Left hand margin 40mm / 1.5”