Major events management

Topic: Major events management
Order type: Essay
Subject: Management
Objectives of the Midterm (Individual Written Assignment):

The project aims to evaluate students’creativity and their skills in visualizing the event.

Description of the Assignment:

Swarovski, the world leader in high-quality precision-cut crystal, announces the January 2013 launch of its second collection of Swarovski Lighting Centerpieces and product extensions to Swarovski Luminaires and Lighting Systems. The brand has chosen Milan for the international products launching. An exclusive event will be held in June 2013 to present the collection to the media and vip clients ( approx 300 guests ). No location or vendor has been defined: the brand will evaluate students’creative ideas starting from the venue selection to the expression and visualization of the two elements to be transferred into the stylish concept. Crystal and Light are the focus ( see attached document ).

Structure of the Assignment:

– Brand Identity: a brief company profile of the client
– Event concept: explain your choice
– Location selection: motivate your choice
– Event Design: visualizing ideas through mood boards
– Entertainment: to complete the concept

Format of the Assignment :

The proposal should be 2,000 words +/- 10% words.

The project should be submitted electronically using Turnitin website, written in Arial 12 point font, 1,5 spaced, standard margins.