Annotated Bib

Topic: Annotated Bib
Step 3: Literature Review – Two Parts
Literature Review is the section in a research proposal in which you develop the skills to synthesize the scholarly and/or popular conversations pertaining to your research.
Part I: Annotated Bibliography of 5 sources that inform your research
An annotated bibliography requires you to read your sources in full, understand its main purpose, arguments and conclusions. You need to summarize your source and give a short explanation (1-2 sentences) on how this informs your research project. Each annotation should not be longer than 150 words! These are short summaries; direct quotations from the source are inappropriate. You should put everything in your own words.
I will upload the first part of the project which you wrote to me, the object description. Please use the resources that you used and if there was any more good ones add them. Thank you