Letter to C.S. Lewis

Topic: Letter to C.S. Lewis

Order type: Essay
Write an open letter to C.S. Lewis regarding the good life, with special reference to That Hideous Strength
Objective: articulate one’s own vision of the good life in dialogue with Lewis, especially his presentation of moral maturation in That Hideous Strength.

This paper focuses on the various issues involved in living the good life offer a critical comparison of Lewis’s vision of the good life and vision of the good life
There are many ways to go about this paper but in order to pay special attention to the book "That Hideous Strength" by C.S. Lewis, pursue this topic in one of the following ways:

* compare and contrast the moral development of Mark and Jane

* summarize, explain, and evaluate the moral development of Mark or Jane

answer the question, according to Lewis, what does it mean to be "grown up"?

As this paper involves more personal application, the word limit is expanded to 2000 words
Use the following resources:

1. Lewis, "That Hideous Strength"
2. Caroline Simon, "On Love"
3. Gilbert Meilaender, "On Moral Knowledge"
Draw on the following works if the paper covers ground to which they are relevant

1. Lewis, "Mere Christianity"
2. Lewis, "Out of the Silent Planet"
3. Lewis, "Perelandra"
4. Zizioulas, "Communion and Otherness"
5. Hauerwas, "On War"
6. Wolfe, "On Power"
7. Highfield, "The Secret Aspirations of the Modern Self"
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