Preferred language style: English (U.S.)

Exceptional responses will also include well considered opinions, options and solutions Have your responses typed in 12 font, single spaced and double spaced between paragraphs.

Question #1: In the desire to seek improvement, police agencies frequently seek best-practice agencies in which to duplicate their own services. Please discuss the benefits and liabilities of the option of seeking best-practices in which to model a specific police agency.

Question #3: In order to be successful as a police executive, you must be able to navigate the political landscape. Please describe what your primary goals should be when working within a political environment as well as problems that you should expect under this environment. What groups outside of the typical public arena can have a positive or negative impact on your perceived managerial effectiveness?

Question#5: Please identify the four areas that can lead to liability issues for a police agency. Give an example of each of the four. Of the four, which is the most difficult to control? Why? Explain how one might attempt to better control this one area of liability.

Question#6: Union relations continue to be one of the most difficult problems for police executives to manage on a day-to-day basis. In a strong union environment, please describe strategies that would increase employee satisfaction and decrease the impact of union leaders in a given agency.

Question #7: Please explain the various sources that a police executive can attempt to exploit in an effort to increase revenue over and above that which is provided through taxes. Additionally, within the defined budget, please explain the value of vacancy allowances and how you can use these allowances to benefit your agency.




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