In time of recession, some schools cancel sports programs to save money. Do you think it is a good idea to cancel sports programs in high school? Do sports have benefits to students? Argue that sports should not be cancelled

of 800-825 words argumentative essay

Essay checklist

1. Unity

Does the essay have a thesis statement that states a clear opinion without the words I think/I believe/It is my opinion etc…?

Does each paragraph start with a topic sentence that clearly supports the thesis statement?

Does the paragraph offer enough details to prove the opinion expressed in the topic sentence?

Is there a paragraph that addresses the counter opinion clearly?

Is there any irrelevant material that should be eliminated or rewritten?

2. Support

Have I backed up each main point with enough explanation and examples?

Do I have enough details?

3. Organization

My arguments are organized in order of importance, with the most important last.

My essay is not a story.

4. Coherence

Have used transition expressions within and between paragraphs to help readers follow my train of thought?

Have provided a concluding paragraph to wrap up the essay?

5. Sentence and Language Skills

Have I used a consistent point of view throught my essay? (I did not use “you”)

Have I used specific rather than general words?

Have I avoided wordiness and used concise wording?
Are my sentences varied in structure?
Have I checked for errors in my previous essays?
Have I checked for spelling and language?