Great Australian Depression

presentations from students : A summary of an allocated e-reading (250 words) GREAT AMERICAN DEPRESSION.

It is a compulsory part of your assessment to present at least a ten minute summary of an e-reading that I will allocate you within the first three weeks of the study period. You will be required to read this, summarise it in a powerpoint format of approximately 8 slides or approximately 250 words ( Will attach what I have already done…
Article summaries (4 entries x 250 words) – Choose four readings, which should be a combination of primary and secondary sources from your set text 250 word discussion of each reading:
1.a. highlight the main points
2.b. relate it to the topic for that week
3.c. discuss the topic being covered in the light of any further reading you may have done in the Course.
4.d. Include the full reference at the top of your discussion.

Guidance: There is a worksheet that provides tips on how to write chapter reviews on the course site.
1.2. Preparing for your essay (1 entry x 250 words) – Define an essay question based on initial research done in Assignment 1 or choose one of the essay questions. Write some notes on how you may research the question