Experience in Elementary and Secondary Schools

A. Written Assignment: Reflective Summary of learning

The intention of this assignment is to provide you with the
opportunity to summarize your initial learning about the interactions
and support of children’s learning. Please use your weekly reflective
writing as a basis for your conclusions. This summary also provides
your reflection concerning what was meaningful to you personally as a
developing teacher. The conclusions invite possible application of
your experience and understanding in further work with children.
Please be descriptive and specific in your responses and include
examples and information that support your points.

1. Describe what you have learned about how children or youth learn.
Support your points with specific examples from your work throughout
the quarter.

2. Explain what you have experienced in the adult support of learning. What
strategies did you use? In what ways were they effective? In what ways were
they not effective?

3. Describe your new learning or perceptions about the classroom environment.
What influences impacted the classroom? What influences impacted the
children and the teacher?

4. Describe what you learned about yourself as a potential teacher.
Identify qualities
that would be helpful to build upon in further teacher education.

5. Based on your experience this quarter, describe how what you
learned from this
experience could be applied in future work as a teacher.






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