Essence of Leadership


Essence of Leadership

The Essay must include a clear structure with abstract, bibliography, appendices, and diagrammatic representation where appropriate.
The Essay should contain:

1. A literature review of key theories of the nature and exercise of leadership in organizations

2. An evaluation of the behaviour of selected leaders in an organization of similar kind, in relation to a range of models and theories referenced: in particular, a critical assessment of how the leaders guide the behaviour of individuals, groups and teams

3. An analysis of how two leaders perceive the roles, and what has helped to develop as leaders

4. A summary of the learning can be taken from this assignment for a current work and practice and development as a leader

5. A very strict Word limit: 6000 words.
Quality of the Essay must reflect the following:

(i) Command of the topic, creativity, perception and insight, all suggesting that work should be published in an academic forum;

(ii) Outstanding selection that makes a substantial contribution to academic debate;

(iii) Outstanding use of source material;

(iv) Excellent argument that is of the highest academic quality;

(v) Critical distance and outstanding analysis of the question, to a high degree of excellence;

(vi) Referencing impeccable using appropriate conventions;

(vii) Virtually no errors grammar/spelling/syntax.

(viii) Excellent application of theory to real life examples and drawing reference to theory while applying those to personal practice                                                                                                                                                                                      PLACE AN ORDER TODAY & GET 15% DISCOUNT (CODE GAC15)