The Signature Assignment is a culminating project in which requires students to synthesize and integrate knowledge in the course and apply it to a situation resembling a professional practice.
The paper should be 11-12 pages (excluding title page, bibliography, appendices, etc.). Please include literature references.
•Please choose an infectious disease..
•Understand the interaction between an infectious agent, host, and the environment.
•Learn about modes of the infectious disease transmission and what affects transmission.
•Apply the principles of infectious disease transmission dynamics.
•Understand the role of immunity in infectious disease epidemiology.
•Apply course concepts and disease elimination strategies.
Course Learning Outcomes

1. Illustrate variables that influence the occurrence of disease
2. Identify primary, secondary, and prevention measures for disease control programs
3. Identify high-risk groups based on rates of disease
4. Use descriptive epidemiologic analysis to study a public health issue
5. Interpret an epidemic curve
6. Evaluate whether there is a cause-effect relationship between independent and dependent variables.
7. Interpret attack rate tables, measures of association, and strength of confidence intervals
8. Identify reservoirs, mechanisms of transmission, and control measures for an infectious disease.
9. Apply epidemiologic principles in investigating an outbreak