Effects of Music Therapy on adults with Schizophrenia

1)Explainning the choice of topic (10% of the mark) OUtline the topic and discuss why I chose it. [At this point I chose this topic as i have a cousin that suffers from scitzophrenia and he only takes medication, and through the years it is getting worse. so I was wondering if music therapy would improve his condition in general and communication skills. The writter can use this as the reason I chose this topic]
2)Critical appraisal and examination of the chosen topic of music therapy(20%)
*How does the topic specifically apply to music therapy? What is particular to the impact of music therapy in my chosen area?
3)Discussion of at least two articles/chapters in depth that you have read which illustrate the topic, critically evaluating and contrasting approaches(30% of the overall mark)
Take time to describe your approaches. Critically evaluate the two approaches that you have chosen and their affectiveness.
4)Exploring own thoughts, experiences, and ideas relevant to the topic (30% of overall mark)
*state your own view and personal engagement with the topic.
5)Apropriate use of references and referencing system (10%)
*make sure you reference correctly-see writting guide, faculty of Arts, Law and social Sciences, 2008-9(www.anglia.ac.uk)
* In this esay you can use as many references and internet recources as you like as well as audio or video and articles as long as they are referenced.
Books recomended:
*Aldridge, D 1996, Music Therapy Research and Practice in Medicine: From Out of the Silence, Jessica Kingsley Publishers
*Wigram, T & Backer, J D 1999, The Clinical Applications of Music Therapy in Developmental Disability, Paediatrics, and Neurology, Jessica Kingsley Publishers






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