Question 1
“The driver behind rising food prices has been and remains oil,” said Matt Hartwig of the ethanol industry group Renewable Fuels Association. “Rising oil prices, even before the unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa, have made everything we buy from food to clothes to oil more expensive.” The solution, according to Raymond Learsy in his article, is for OPEC to take the lead to reduce oil prices.
(i) Briefly explain the link between rising food prices and high oil prices.
(ii) Do you feel that the solution proposed by Mr Learsy will solve the problem of rising food prices? Explain your answer with at least two reasons. Then analyze whether there exists other solutions that could be more effective.
Question 2
According to the EuropaBio Fact Sheet, biofuels are beneficial for developing countries.
(i) Identify and briefly describe at least three reasons given in the Fact Sheet to support the above argument.
(ii) In view of these benefits, why then do some people object to biofuels? Provide at least three reasons for criticisms of biofuels.
(iii) What is your own perspective on this issue?
Article link:
Question 3
The articles below welcome the discovery of oil in Ghana and Cambodia. At the same time, the reporters express concern about the negative impact of oil on these countries and their societies.
(i) Explain why the discovery of oil in these countries has been greeted with a mixture of hope and fear.
(ii) In your opinion, has oil wealth helped or hindered the development (economic, political, social) of a country? Provide at least three reasons for your response, making sure you illustrate your answer with examples drawn from any of the oil-rich countries you are familiar with.
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Each question should be answered in two pages.





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