Art of the Medieval North

FAH 271S: Art of the Medieval North

Order type: Essay
The point of this assignment is to look closely at an illustration of a biblical
story and to consider how manuscript painters in the Early Christian period
conveyed, followed, and departed from textual sources. The assignment focuses on an
Anglo-Saxon manuscript called the Benedictional of Aethelwold (see Stokstad for
basic information about it and the context in which it was produced). Images from
the Benedictional appear on the FADIS course page in a carousel labeled
“Benedictional Project.”

First, choose one of the pages from the manuscript and familiarize with the
passages from the New Testament that tell its story. Remember that the scenes may
appear in more than one gospel book. The precise stories and passages appear on the
“notes” section for each image in the carousel; push the projection icon (on the
ribbon at the top of the FADIS screen) to see the notes next to the image.

Second, locate the appropriate passages in the Douay-Rheims bible, the standard
English translation of the medieval Latin Vulgate.