Question 1:- Although the system of national government provided by the Article of Confederation had a number of weakness and was discarded, it did compile a record of achivement. In regards to the government under the Articles of Confederation:

A) Identify and discuss two(2) of its weaknesses and two (2) of its achivements. What, in your opinion was the most significant achivement of the government under this system? What was its most significant weakness?

B) Explain how the system of federalism was implemneted in the U.S. Constitution and how it was intended to correct what were seen as were the fatal flaws in teh national government as practiced under the Article of Conferderation. What is federalism?

C) What, in your opinion, was the most significant compromise resulting from teh Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Discuss its significance.

Question 2:- In the debate over the U.S. Constitution, Americans disagreed about specific features of a new government that were intended to defend the achivements of the revolution without sacrificing its principles. This debate further reflected disagreements about teh revolution’s achivements and aims. In Federalist number 10, James Madidon argued that the perils posed by the republican governments intituted during the Revolution were remedied by the proposed federal Constitution.

A) According to Madison, how was a “faction” defined? Explain what he identified as the cause of factions? Discuss why Madison contended taht faction were undesirable, and explain the way in which he believed the causes of factions could be eliminated and their negative effects on good government controlled.

B) Discuss Madison’s concerns regarding “an interested and overbearing Majority,” and explain how he contented that teh new Constitution would provide for a vital checks on majorities.

C) In terms of Madison’s argument in support for the new Consitution, identify what was teh most significant different between a republic and a democracy? explain why Madison contended taht a republic was better than a small one.






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