4 questions about South Caucasus& Crimea

Pleas write 4 separate small essays. Write approximately 500 words for each question. New Times Roman 12 point font and normal margins. Each answer is worth 25 points. Your answer must reflect knowledge gained from the readings, class discussions, guest speakers and videos about each of the conflicts. Cite readings, videos, and class discussions in parentheses in the text of your answer. In the parenthesis indicate the author or publication and the page numbers.

1. Describe the post-Soviet oil boom in Azerbaijan and its political ramifications in the South Caucasus (5 points), in relations with Western powers (5 points), and specifically between Russia and the US (5 points). What role has this oil boom and the BTC pipeline played in the Karabakh (5 points) and South Ossetian conflicts (5 points)?

Please read and cite from Thomas De Waal “The Caucasus” Chapter 6

2. Present the key perspectives the Abkhaz (5 points), South Ossetians (5 points) and Georgians (5 points) have on their respective conflicts, and explain the current status (since 2008) of each of the two disputed territories (10 points)

Please read and cite from Thomas De Waal “The Caucasus” Chapter 5&7

3. What were the economic and political problems (10 points) in Georgia in the late Shevardnadze period that led to the Rose Revolution? Describe the policy decisions made during the Saakashvili administration that led to the deterioration of Georgia’s relations with Russia (5 points), with Abkhazia (5 points), and led to the war in South Ossetia (5 points).

Please read and cite from Thomas De Waal “The Caucasus” Chapter 7

4. In describing Russia’s role in the conflicts over Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, and the conflicts over the disputed territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, indicate the similarities across all the conflicts (5 points) and the differences (5 points). What Soviet policies during the Stalin period created the foundation for today’s conflict over Eastern Ukraine, and the conflicts of the South Caucasus (5 points)? Explain how Putin articulates the main cause of the Eastern Ukraine conflict (5 points), and how this differs from the way that President Obama characterizes the cause of the conflict (5 points).
Please read and cite from the “Ukraine &Crimea Readings Links” word document