Virtual School:Certain Factors that Relate to Student Persistence in the Online Health and Physical Education Course

Highlited in yellow is where references should be located. This is a subsection of Chapter 5 implications document is the document that needs to be corrected and written.
All other documents are to help guide you, my chapter 4, the survey results, and archival information from OCVS.

References should be within the last 5-8 years. Directions and comments from my chair: What needs to be added are references to other research that are relative to your findings.So you are going to need to go back to the library and find some additional studies that may (or may not) have findings similar to yours. When you do this, just don’t look for exactly the same thing you found, you are looking at the variables/concepts. What did others find relative to those variables. For example, you found that a bunch of boys never activate in the online course bus signed up to take the course. You could look at the importance of the initial personal contact, the fact that online instruction often lacks personal interaction. You could look at research about the immature student needing more structure. Your study showed the younger students were not as successful. You could also look at studies about previous experience in anything. So I hope you get the idea of what I am saying here. You do not need to find studies that are exactly like yours. What you are looking for are bits and pieces of other studies that you can insert into your paragraphs that that will either support or refute your findings. You can also look for expert opinions, and put some of those in there as well.