Transfer university from Australia to UK

We are two guys and We are from Kuwait and Ee are studying in Australia right now but We hope to transfer our university from Australia to UK because many reasons, Simply its a personal statement between 1000 and 4000 characters outlining the reasons as why you would like to transfer your studies to the UK, why have you chosen the selected university, your expectations and your career plans and opportunities when returning back home, it would be good to mention that you’ll be sponsored and that you’ve got family in the UK and in the city where you’ll be living furthermore, please note that you’ll be as well close to your home country.( that what they want and some reasons are mentioned, also it’s good to tell them I’m sponsored) and don’t mention any name of any university just make it general. Also I’m not sure what subject area it can be so I put education but if you see it not right just Change it. If there is any question I’m happy to answer.-We are two guys so don’t make our applications similar-