Middle school teachers’ perception of accomodations for students with learning disabilities

is a concept paper and should be at least 13 pages. A good 10-11 pages of written material not including the references.

This is a quantitative study (Nova Southeastern University)

-research site is Lyons Creek Middle school in Broward county Florida. If you need school stats let me know.

Intro 1/2 page
Background Justification-2-3 pages
Research problem 2 pages
Deficiencies in evidence-1 1/2-2 pages
-Audience 1/2 page
-Definition of terms-depends on how many terms
-Purpose of study 1/2 page

-Introduction should be a a great opening

-Most References are within 5 year time period, except for when referencing material like background and justification and or deficiencies in evidence etc.