Evaluating a Website for Credibility

please follow the instructions below
and write one page for chapter 3 and one page for chapter 4
Spring, Chapter 3, Sources of Conflict: The Economics of Education
Spring, Chapter 4, Sources of Conflict: The Educational Establishment

Spring Reader Response/Reaction Essays
You are required to respond to five (5) sets of class readings. You will be prompted to answer the following questions in 1-3 pages, per chapter:
1. Briefly summarize two major points discussed in each chapter of the readings.
2. Identify and discuss two issues raised in each chapter of the readings that you found especially thought-provoking? What is the relationship between those issues and the work of educational leaders?
The essays will be evaluated based upon a.) quality of interpretation; b.) demonstrated effort to link the interpretation to the class topic and related educational issue; and c.) clarity of response.