Special Economic Zone


Special Economic Zone
The assignment details: you are required to conduct research and write a report on the following topic:
– You have to examine the phenomenon o fa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) through a country within the Asia Pacific Region ( I choose Singapore).
You must – Define the term SEZ – you have to explain how and why the location for the SEZ zone within your country ( Singapore) was selected and who is involved in its operation. – you have to critically analyse and compare the labor patterns and conditions prevailing within that SEZ compared to that of the country’s general labor terms and conditions for workers. – Explanation and comparison of labor patterns and conditions of the above must be in terms of the convergence/ divergence dichotomy.
You will be assessed on your ability to critically analyse, recognize and discuss the key Issues, you are required to use at least 15 academic reference material to support your arguments. The quality of the sources of information you use, as well as your referencing skills. will also be assessed
Important notes: – I am required to follow the Chicago 16 references style, So Please keep the page number in your in text references like this (Robert 2010. P6) and your end text references like this ( with articles’ links or DOI no except books)
McQuade, Eamonn, Ellen Sjoer, Peter Fabian, Jos? Carlos Nascimento, Sanaz Schroeder. 2007. “Will you miss me when I’m gone?: A study of the potential loss of company knowledge and expertise as employees retire” Journal of European Industrial Training 31(9): 758 ? 768. Doi: 10.1108/03090590710846701. …………..



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