Is financial development a key factor to determine long run economic growth?

IC of the report (dueSeptember 23, 2015, in class.)
You must submit a one-page paper carefully explaining the chosen topic. Explain why you selected economic growth/development issue and the set of countries you intend to analyze.
Please start by writing a thesis statement – (one sentence (bold type) describing clearly the question or topic you want to analyze). The thesis statement (to be given in the introduction) should convey your main ideato the reader. Some helpful.
In this assignment, you should try to answer the following questions:
1. What is the problem that I am trying to analyze? (analyze or examine or investigate or evaluate)
2. Why is the question interesting? Does the data give an interesting conclusion?
3. Is data available? Is it from a reliable source (Government Bureau of Statistics, United Nations, IMF, World Bank, etc. … not Wikipedia or Investopedia!) ?

Be careful that your project is not too general/ambitious. Please narrow the topic to some specific aspect of a more general question. Remember that well-defined topics are easier to complete successfully. Make sure you can get data for at least 20 years and several countries.