Electronic Payments in Africa: Impact on Economy

Hello, I am seeking an additional 3 pages to a paper that was completed earlier this year, the paper number is 81371483.

The initial paper outlined the benefits and challenges of the use of electronic payments over cash in Nigeria. What the paper failed to do, was, discuss the specific impacts (positive impacts) the increased use of electronic payments would have on the economy of Nigeria.

I need 3 pages that I can add to the original paper, that talks about how the use of electronic payments in Nigeria, and the decrease of cash in Nigeria, will directly benefit the Nigerian economy. I need at least 2 charts, and the pages should be specific in relation to figures, gdv, etc. As this is a continuation of a paper, no intro or conclusion is required.

In the event that evidence to prove how the use of electronic benefits will directly benefit nigeria is difficult to find, I would recommend that you make the argument based on the similar emerging economies and make an inference that the impact would be similar.