Use the text and the information you get from the Internet to complete this group-assignment. Attach at least three of your internet search printout behind your typed paper (Double space; 12 point Times New Roman font with I inch margin all around, APA-American Psychological Association or MLA-Modem Language Association style). The organization of the term paper should reveal professionalism. Your printout must support the information in your paper. The length of the paper should not exceed 10 pages without attachments appendix. In your write-up/discussion, try to relate as many concepts as possible that you have learnt in this course considering the modem age of globalization with differential culture, ethical values, and political, economic and legal systems. Correct grammar and spelling are important consideration. All the references and websites visited should be clearly mentioned in the Reference List for verification if necessary. International trade data/information can be collected from United Nations and/or any other governmental sources such as Department of Commerce visiting their websites. United Nations Statistics Division- Commodity Trade Statistics Database (COMTRADL) website is: