Demand and cost analysis exide energy

are to advise the board of exide motors about the recently launched Tesla Energy division. Should exide Energy continue to be part of the company? Should the company sell exide Energy so that it can focus on cars – its area of competence?

exide Energy was announced to much fanfare on April 30, 2015. Its main products will be Powerwall™ batteries for residential energy storage, as well as PowerPack™ batteries for utilities. Energy storage can help utilities to lower costs: without it, utilities must pay to power up and power down plants in response to peaks and ebbs in daily demand. For consumers, batteries allow power to be drawn from utilities at cheap off-peak rates (or from solar panels), for use when utility prices are at peak-rates.

Report Sections

Part 1: Demand and Costs Analysis

Motivate your report with an assessment of exide Energy’s potential to create and sustain demand. Specify how much demand you expect in the short to medium term. Describe the expected cost structure for exide
Energy and how those costs should vary with demand. .