Water Footprint Assessment of a small Brewery


You should submit TWO hard copies of your dissertation, to the GEDS office in room G01 32 Tavistock Square by 6 pm on the submission date noted above. These should be bound in some way, but ring binding is sufficient.
You should also upload your dissertation to Moodle. For this you should note that you will have to have your dissertation as a single word or pdf file.
At the front of your dissertation you must include:
• A title page, setting out:
• The title of your dissertation
• Your name
• The degree for which you are studying
• Your place of study (Birkbeck College, University of London)
• The date of submission
• A plagiarism declaration: “I certify that the work submitted is my own and that I have duly acknowledged any quotation from the published or unpublished work of other persons”, followed by your signature and date
• Approximate number of words (excluding any material in appendices, etc.)
• A contents page
• A list of figures, tables and photos
Please note that the text should be typed 1.5-spaced, minimum 11 font size, on one side only of A4 paper, with a minimum 2.5 cm margin on either side; and with illustrated material on paper the same size as the typescript, folded if necessary (separate loose maps and diagrams are not accepted).