Physical Child Abuse

Topic: Physical Child Abuse
Attached is the paper you will build on. Use the paper attached. It is already set up and has 17 references. You are to use those references. You are allowed to use some NEW ONES to assist you, BUT HIGHLIGHT THEM ON THE REFERENCE PAGE.
This professor is citing happy, so cite OFTEN so there will be no doubt about plagiarism.
9 page in length, must be formatted per APA style
Please INSURE there in a conclusion to wrap the paper up.
BOLD HEADINGS when starting new section
Overall narrative summary regarding the problem including:
• Introduction
• Problem introduction – what is the problem you are interested in and why is it important?
• If problem is related to your internship agency provide VERY brief description of the agency and it’s role in helping alleviate the problem
Problem overview
• Prevalence – how prevalent is the population, does it change by population?
• How is it defined in the research – how does the research describe the problem?
• Who and what systems are impacted by the problem and how
o Again, consider all related systems – individual, family, community, society
• Theories about causes of problem, including different or competing theories,
• Discuss specific variables, or conditions that contribute to the development or maintenance of problem
1. Begins with an introduction to the problem and the role(s) that social workers might have related to this topic area
Does the paper immediately make you aware of the topic of the study?
Is it clear why the topic is related to social work?
The topic is highly relevant to social work. AND, the paper clearly outlines this link, including examples of how this topic relates to social work practice, theory and policy. The completeness in discussion of the link is what differentiates a paper from “Meeting the Standard” to Exceeding the Standard.”
Problem Overview
2. Provides an overview to document the occurrence or prevalence of the specific problem and then justify the need and importance of studying it. This section should include the incidence/prevalence, consequences of the problem (emotional, psychological, fiscal impact) for individuals, families, communities and society, and discuss how these systems might also impact the problem.