Spams and Cybercrime ( should address the perspective “Forensics and law”)

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Research paper 6 papers excluding reference + annotated bibliography

Write a research paper on this topic:
(Spams and Cybercrime)
the research paper should address the following perspective:
(Forensics and law)

The question:
Forensic investigation of spam campaign:

Son Dinha, Taher Azeba, Francis Fortinb, Djedjiga Mouheba, Mourad Debbabia. “Spam campaign detection, analysis, and investigation”, Digital Investigation. Volume 12, Supplement 1, March 2015, Pages S12S21.

(This reference are a starting point for the research. You should find additional relevant material)

Complete a literature search related to the subject area from your perspective to find out what other has been written about in this area.
You should collect as many relevant papers as possible; but you should use your time wisely and focus on reading the abstract rather than the full paper. You should consider the quality of the publication or the venue that it was presented.

should demonstrate your understanding of the issues relevant to the research question. The paper should clearly answer the research question, and all the content should be relevant to the research question.
The paper is supposed to be a critical evaluation of the literature, rather than a simple repetition of several sources using your own words. This means that you have to summarise, interpret, reflect and be critical about what you have read and about the sources you actually use.
It is up to you to structure the paper logically and to ensure coherence among sections and paragraphs. The language used should be specific, precise, objective, direct and simple. Do not use colloquial language. Apart from short quotes, use your own words and use short sentences, appropriate for technical writing.

Please use in-text citation where required (not enough just listing the references at the end of the), based on the Harvard referencing style2.

Also, be careful, I would like the reference come in the sentence where you use the ideas and information, with page number please
annotated bibliography

The annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of relevant references written using the Harvard referencing style1.
Annotate the bibliography by restating
* the main arguments
* provide a short summary (i.e. just summarize the main findings, without a critical analysis) of the most important related works in your reference list.
You should annotate a minimum of 3 (most relevant to your research question) sources, 400 words, excluding the entire bibliography list.

( This assignment contributes to the assessment of the following module learning outcomes,
1- Critically evaluate methods and techniques used for cybercrime
2 – Critically analyse the extent to which methods and solutions to cybercrime, proposed in research papers, apply in practice and what are their limitations.