Serial Killers

the following (4) questions using web, print and book sources. Each question should be answered with minimum 250 words and contain 2 sources.

1.Why do serial killers get so much attention? Is the attention they receive a contemporary issue due to the media advances of the modern era? What role does the media play in the attention they receive?

2.How can researchers explore biology and environment when trying to identify common denominators for serial offenders? How do we explain those in society, having the same common denominators who do not commit crime?
3.How, and why, do criminals, justice academics, and professionals distinguish between serial murderers and mass murderers? Discuss the similarities and differences between these types of killers.

4.Why, in judgements of dangerousness, are practitioners prone to have a high ratio of false positives? What are some of the pitfalls of profiling that can lead to such conclusions?