Rights of the convicted

[Regardless of your opinion regarding abortion. Which means, do not start your essay with, even though I disagree (or agree) with the abortion….] Using your textbook and the above attached articles and links, discuss the laws establishing a woman’s right to abortion and how that is translated within the prison system. After reviewing the (lack of ) policy in Kentucky regarding a prisoners’ right to abortion, discuss what Kentucky could do to improve in this issue *paper must have a title page with you name on it. *Include a running head and page numbers in the margin, not in the spacing of the paper. *Include headings and subheadings. *The top of your first page should include the question(s) followed by the first paragraph of your paper **The first paragraph of any writing assignment is the most important. In effect, the first paragraph should serve as an outline or abstract of your paper. Each following sentence or section in the first paragraph should introduce the various subtopics of the paper in sequential order. The second paragraph should then introduce your first topic, and so on. *Refrain from using quotes from your text. Instead paraphrase and cite appropriately. *Use third person dialog *Refrain from using slang, abbreviations, and contractions *Refrain from spelling or grammar errors. *Include a conclusion paragraph *Include APA references and citations.