Creative Essay on My Mother’s Influence on My Life

            The role that mothers play in the shaping of their child’s future begins from the moment the child is conceived in her womb. All through the pregnancy until birth, mothers are advised to eat proper foods, reduce stress and generally aim at ensuring the health of the baby is never compromised at any one time (Kearney 471). It is therefore not an exaggeration to say that all persons alive in the world today owe there health, mental disposition, status, and ultimately their lives, to their mothers.

            I have often jokingly suggested to my friends that Mother’s Day (observed every second Sunday of the month of May) ought to be an everyday holiday! There is not a day that I wake up and undertake my daily routine – making decisions, choosing friends, showing kindness to others, and other such daily dynamic undertakings of life – and not see my mother’s influence. She taught me to be patient, loving, forbearing, determined, and unwavering in my quest for a better life.

I have always eschewed words and speeches that tend to replace action. For instance, I would rather a person whose activities show they love me, as opposed to one who says to me that he/she loves me everyday yet their actions do not match their words. My love, respect and loyalty to my mother comes from the fact that her actions spoke louder than her words. I keep my room neat not because I was always told to do so, but because I saw my mother take pride in a neat house – always cleaning and tiding up – and her behavior caught on with me. I am a patient person not because my mother read to me Bible verses about patience (as helpful as these are), but because I saw her exercise patience whenever her children acted improperly. I am industrious not because she told me that hard work pays, but because I saw her take up two (sometimes three) jobs in order to supplement the family income. I am kind because my mother was kind to me. I am loving because my mother loved me. What I am now, and who I will be in the future, I am and will be because of my mother.


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