policy and politics in nursing and Health care

Topic: policy and politics in nursing and Health care

Order type: Coursework
Each answer in this section should be about 3-5 paragraphs max. Responses must be logical, concise and incorporate terminology or principles taught in the course.
Debate the following health care issues:
a. the american system of health care delivery is the best in the world.
b. Compared with several other industrialized nations, the quality of health care provided in relation to its costs in inferior.
c. People, not the health care system, are responsible for their own health: that is, good health is a matter of personal responsibility.
d. Primary health care is (is not) effectively practiced in the united states.
e. Policy makes who determine local, state, and federal regulationsb related tio health care areconcerued more about their popularity than about truly developing a better health care system.

Choose two of the following principles of distributive justice and respond both , for and aginst, each statement you choose.
a. To each the same…
b. to each according to his /her need..
c. to each accounding to his/ her ability to compete in the open market place…
d. To each according to his/her merits..