Operating Suite Layout and Design

When answering the questions below, you can make reference to lecture notes, listed resources
and site visits as evidence.
1. In terms of safety, describe issues relating to hospital operating suite layout and design.
a) Mention the importance of the adjacent facilities to the operating suite in Figure 1 and why do you
think it was designed in this way.
b) Discuss the ergonomic and economic factors when designing an operating suite layout
c) Mention how layout design is related to risk minimization in the operating room
d) Define what is meant by a “supplier environment” and how this concept is related to layout design
of operating suites.
e) Lists of medical electric standards that have an important role when designing an operating suite
and mention some of the medical devices found in the operating suite needing to be checked for
electric safety regulation before its usage.
2. Evaluate the risks in the Operating suite and its facilities. Using suitable tools (Risk Identification
Form, Risk Matrix, Affinity Diagram, Risk Analysis Form) develop a risk analysis in relation to the
patient sand staff.
The risk management process incorporates a series of steps to establish procedures and practices
to identify, prevent and control risks. Identify likely risks and how to manage them in relation to the
costs,consequences and context
1.Establish thecontext
(The activity,the intended out comes, the stakeholders,Risk
Evaluation Criteria)
2. Identify Risks
(Types of risks, Sources of Risks)
3. Analyse Risks
(Risk Assessment Matrix,Risk Consequence Rating Table,
Likelihood,Risk Prior it yTable,
4. Evaluate Risks
(Acceptable and Unacceptable Risks)
5. Treat Risks
(Identifying options to treat risks, Selecting the best
treatment option, risk treatment plan).