Mergers and Acquisition

Theories and motives for mergers must be analysed, as well as the phenomenon of merger waves, and any linkages to share prices and situations prevailing in the stock market. Realistic benefits and costs to both predator and target need to be evaluated, as well as defences used in terms of actual outcomes, along with any legal-cum-regulatory frameworks which govern take-overs.

It is important to relate all this to prevailing business culture in different free-market economies. Strategies and tactics of both hostile and agreed bids will have to be covered. Other relevant areas include impacts on share prices, financial objectives/strategies of the firm, and selection of investment projects. The case situation must relate to a merger which took place in the UK, Western Europe, or North America.

• In the case of company-related information and other documentary data, copies of the relevant pages of annual reports or financial-information sheets should be attached in an appendix at the back of the assignment.
• Assessment and marking of each assignment will take into consideration the extent of theoretical coverage of the topic chosen, soundness of theories/concepts covered, adherence to appropriate standards of academic research, in addition to the coherence of structure, quality of presentation, and critique provided.

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