Identify an outcome, based on pre- or early- assessment data

Order type: Coursework

a.identify an outcome, based on pre- or early- assessment data

b.determine evidences of learning to meet successful achievement of the outcome/s
c.teach the outcome embedding formative assessment techniques using at least two technology tools (e.g., student response systems, Survey Monkey) which yield both qualitative and quantitative data
d.develop a summative assessment based on the targeted outcome
e.analyze the success of the students as a whole and individually, noting both in narrative and graphically-strengths and areas for further growth (i.e., instruction) of the collective group and individuals; and identify how those areas of growth might be implemented
f.maintain a log of the decisions made, justifying each, and noting how each decision was determined and provide a concise, yet complete, reflective summarized analysis of the teacher made decisions.
g.during the last class session, facilitate a Poster Presentation of the Narrative Analysis with Graphed Data component of the assignment.