Health status of Canadian aboriginals

As discussed in class, aboriginal peoples experience a profound burden of ill health that has resulted in health status that is significantly below that of the larger Canadian population. Using information you collect, and drawing on the knowledge you have already gained from this class about health and illness of aboriginals in Canada, your paper should contain the following components:
a) introduction (1 paragraph)
b) brief description of the age, gender demographic, and economic situation of the population (1 page of less)
c) A discussion of how the aboriginal population is doing in terms of health. In addition to discussing the current health status, make sure to address how the health profile has changed over time (1-2 pages)
d) how do you think living on a reserve influences access to adequate health care by Aboriginal peoples in Canada?(1-2 pages)
e) what are some of the policy changes and public health measures implicated by the Canadian government and/or aboriginal leaders in the last five years regarding the health of the aboriginal population? how well do you think these changes have addressed the health of the population? What kinds of additional policy change and public health measures do you think could help negate any existing health problems for this group? (2-3 pages)
f) summary and Conclusion(1 paragraph)





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