Employability Exercise

Topic: Employability Exercise

Order type: Coursework

Students throughout in time at University should have been planning for future careers following graduation.Prepare a
portfolio of evidence which demonstrates a developed a variety of skills, which is a useful exercise in preparing for
job applications and interviews.Encourage and provide with materials to complete this since the first year with
sessions on CV preparation, completing application forms and preparing for job interviews.Complete and have feedback
on a job application.Attend to a careers workshop and lecture in the final year which reflects on. This should all go
into your portfolio which should be regularly updated during the course of your final year.

For this particular coursework students to produce an account of 500 words summarising the development of skills and
competencies during a course at Coventry.Use the portfolio of evidence as a reference to give examples where to
demonstrate that these skills have been addressed, reflected on and developed.

The account will be marked by a project supervisor who will have got to know well, perhaps better than other members
of staff and who will be able to talk to about account. It is likely that the project supervisor will be providing
references for future applications or during a final year of study.


1) choose one example of a skill which successfully developed during the time at Coventry.
2 choose a second skill which may not have been developed as much
3) finish with a summary and an action plan for the