Women's and gender studies

Analyze the ways the soldiers in Chapter 6 of Remarque’s novel
both attempt to conform and fail to conform to the masculine ideal outlined by Mosse. If we assume (as many scholars
have) that Remarque is attempting to construct a new ideal of manliness, what would be the central attributes of that new ideal (as theyare

represented in this chapterof the novel)? Support your answer to this question with specific examples.

Grading criteria for the essay:
Essays that receive full credit will
* answer all parts of the question
* address each part of the question in a thorough manner
* ground the analysis in specific aspects of the ideal of masculinity as outlined by Mosse
* cite specific textual evidence from the novel in support of claims
* explain how textual evidence supports each claim
* utilize correct style for direct quotations based on MLA format
* present clear and developed arguments
* engage in in-depth analysis
* be free of grammatical errors that impede the meaning of the argument