What Does Business Mean to Me?

Write a 500 word reflective essay on the following topic:

” What Does Business Mean to Me?”

This essay should cover the following areas
A.Your views of business and its role in your life: Where you work, how you shop, how you interact with businesses. Do you see business in a positive light, or not? Why?
B.Describe and discuss a business with which you have a positive experience. What makes this business successful in your opinion – be specific.
C.Describe and discuss a business with which you have a negative experience. What can be done to improve this business?
D.What do you want to learn about business in this and future classes that you think might help you be more successful as a professional?

This assignment covers Course Objective 1. Please base your responses on your personal experience and understanding of the course material so far. Formal APA format is not required for this assignment, but if you use a website or the textbook to support your responses, please provide the textbook name or website at the bottom of your paper.

Make sure your essay contains your name, the week and the topic on the cover page.