Unit II: Pharmacotherapeutics with Single Drugs

Ch. 15-Drugs Affecting the CNS
Ch. 16-Drugs Affecting the CV &Renal System ·         Unit II: Read/Review Chapters 15 &16
·         Unit II: Read/Review Chapters 15 &16 PowerPoints
·         Complete Quiz #1 for Chapters 14,  15&16
·         Discussion Forum Posting: Complete Case Study #2


Case Study #2-Drugs Affecting the CV &Renal System  Description:
Jill is a 47-year old grade school teacher who is concerned about her family history of early cardiovascular death. She wonders what her own risk factors are and whether she should be taking precautionary measures. Other than playing a few rounds of dodgeball with students once a week, she is rather sedentary because she has to grade papers and prepare lesson plans during the evening at home. Her last wellness examination did not turn up any red flags except for being overweight and borderline hypertensive, and she had normal laboratory values, including lipids.
1. What specific family history questions must be answered to identify her family risks?
2. What specific issues in her own history must be addressed to deal with her lipid health? How much of a relationship is required to influence risk?
3. What, if any, positive factors does she have? Evidence implies that one type of factor can cancel another factor’s influence.
4. What, if any negative factors, does she have already known? Would they be considered differently if she were male?
5. How would you classify her risk by current guidelines? See current guidelines and validate your answer.  Total Posts: 0 Unread Posts: 0 Total Participants: 0

Required Textbooks: woo, T.M, & ROBINSON,M.V. (2016). Pharmacotherapeutics
for Nurse
Practitioner Prescribers. (4th ED) Philadelphia: F.A. Davis Company. ISBN 978-0-8036-3827-3

1. APA style, Master Level Writing.

2. Follow the Required Textbook Chapters as it is. ( Chapters 14, 15 & 16 ).

3. Try to get  Most Of The Reference from This Required Textbook, and 1 ( one) Reference from other Nursing Book.

4. Please Write one Big paragraph for each questions.

5. Writing must be very thorough for each questions in detail, (Must be written by a Nursing background Writer).