Theories of Human Services

Topic: Preferred Theories of Human Services
Paper instructions:
The purpose of the research paper is to provide you with the opportunity to explore theories of helping and develop your own theoretical orientation and approach. The research paper must be submitted in APA format, including a title page, abstract, the body of the paper and references. the body of the paper should be 8-10 pages in length.

BODY: You must incorporate the four headings and topical areas to organize the body of the paper (see listing below). In each section, you must communicate your points and support them with your research.

1. DISCUSSION OF TWO PREFERRED THEORIES: the first section of the paper is a discussion of two preferred theories, demonstrating your critical thinking about the theories.

2. FURTHER EXPLORATION OF THEORETICAL CONCEPTS OF ONE PREFERRED THEORY: The second section is a deeper exploration of concepts inherent in one of the two preferred theories that were discussed in the first section of the paper.

3. MICRO SKILLS AND TECHNIQUES TO BE EFFECTIVE WITH THIS THEORY: The third section is a discussion of strategies and techniques included in this theory, as well as other micro skills that relate to use of the theory in practice.

4. SUMMARY OF THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVE: The paper will conclude with a summary section, including a rationale explaining why the preferred theories were appealing as well as discussion of the possible limitations in practice that might occur if it were limited just to the two theories covered in the paper.

REFERENCE MATERIAL: Three professional references (e.g.,peer-reviewed journal articles or books) will be cited, including one primary source reference written by an original theorist (e.g., Rogers, Perls, Freud, Ellis). You must cite every source listed on the reference page to receive full credit for using them.