see attachment there are 2 parts
Part 1
At times, theology can feel disconnected from everyday experiences. However, since Jesus is Lord over all and the gospel should shape how you view all of life, theology should be both deep and practical. Watch the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement Interviews with Dr. Jeremy Treat – “Sports and Prayer” and “Sports and Theology Part 2” as he and Dr. Chatraw apply biblical theology to sports. Using this as an example, apply the theology learned in this course to a practical area of life. Choose from one of topics in the list below and write a thread applying theology to:

• Work
• Parenting
• Science
• Friendship
• Social Justice
• Evangelism
Your thread must be at least 350 words, with a word count included at the end.

Part 2
In your replies, discuss another way in which theology may apply to the area chosen by your classmate. How else might theology practically apply to the chosen area?

Your 2 replies must be at least 150 words each, with a word count included at the end.

Student 1:
For Christians, theology should connected and related to everything we encounter and come across in our lives. Often times, if we let our guard down, we will lose sight of what we truthfully should be picturing. We need to make it a point in our lives to make sure that we focus on tying our relationship with Christ and our duties as Christians to every aspect of our lives. Technically, when we focus on making sure that there is no disconnect between theology and our everyday experiences we are ultimately being testimonies for Christ, as long as we are successful in the goal we sought after.
Scripture was written by people who God breathed words into. Therefore, scripture is an infallible message from God to his people. He is a God of love. As a result he is not setting rules and parameters to limit experiences in our lives, but rather to protect us and keep us on a path that is honoring and glorifying to him. In my own life, when thinking about a connection between theology and an everyday experience, I think of friends. Generally speaking, it is our human nature to desire to fit in with the those we associate ourselves with. This means that the people we chose to associate ourselves with as friends are very important as we will likely act similar to them. Now that I have been our of high school for a few years it is very distinct to me who my true friends from school were. There were four guys that I went to high school with that were very similar to myself. They were athletic, liked sports, did not follow the crowd, and as a result made better decisions than many others most of the time. By associating myself with these people it was easier for me to keep theology connected to my relationship and everyday experiences with my friends. If I would have been friends with people who chose to follow a secular lifestyle and participated in things like drinking, smoking, and having sex outside of marriage there could have been more of a temptation to do so.
Christians must make it a precedence in their life to include theology in their everyday involvements. It is not necessarily our first nature to do this, but me must focus on being cognizant of how we act in all that we do. By being intentional about keeping God at the center of all that we do we are being testimonies to all those who do not. We must strive to apply God’s teachings to our lives.
(435 Words)

Student 2
Theology is the disciplined reflection on God’s self-revelation in order for His creation to know and to love Him.1 When I think about this definition it warms my heart as a parent because for me, I can think of no more enjoyable task on earth than to teach my children to know and to love God. Theology teaches that the scriptures were given to humanity as God’s way of making himself known. The doctrine of clarity states that the Bible is clear enough for anyone to be able to read it and understand it enough to live a life pleasing to God.2 The responsibility for children to learn of God and to love Him has been given to the parents. God has made it known through the scriptures that parents are to teach their children God’s ways all day long, when they awake, when they are walking by the way (I consider this to be in the market place as you are out and about as a family), when they are sitting in their homes, and as they go to bed at night. (Deuteronomy 6:7) If scripture has been given for us to know and love God, God has made it known that He expects parents to diligently teach their children His ways.
According to theology, scripture is given to correct our thinking and to change our direction. This certainly applies to raising children. Any parent knows that a child does not have to be taught to take something without asking. Without the scriptures, how would we correct that type of behavior and why? The scriptures, God’s self-revelation is the foundation by which parents can teach their children the right way to think and to give them direction on how to live a life before their Creator. (Proverbs 22:6)
Lastly, because we are created beings, God’s image bearers and He is actively involved in our lives theology applies to parenting in how we treat our children realizing that God has a purpose for their lives and that he will ensure that that purpose is fulfilled. (Isaiah 55:11, Ephesians 2:10) This takes profound diligence and trust in God on the part of the parent. (word count: 354)

1.Daniel L. Akin, Bruce Riley Ashford and Kenneth Keathley, eds. A Theology for the Church, Revised ed. (Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2014


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