The Sick Role – When the theory works, and when it doesn't

Write 3 FULL pages written using 1 inch margins, Arial Narrow font, 12 point. Citing is ASA (American Sociological Association).
article to use and whatever else you need to use to follow the professor’s instructions below. If you have access to texts, the one below is what we are using and this sick Role is in chapter 8. more paraphrasing and only 1 or 2 quotes, but the direct quotes have to be fewer than 50 words.
Go to the article entitled “Late in Life, An Agonizing Choice over Surgery” by Barron H. Lerner, M.D. in the NY Times at
Re-read Chapter 8 in Cockerham about Talcott Parsons’ theory of the sick role. Please submit your analysis of the validity of the theory of the sick role in this case, and where the criticisms of the theory are most valid in this case and why.
Medical Sociology, 13th ed., 2016
By William C. Cockerham
ISBN-10: 0205896413 • ISBN-13: 9780205896417