The role of social media in crisis preparedness, response and recovery

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Disasters, regardless of nature, type, and source, cause severe damages to the lives and properties of the residents of the affected areas. According to Chan (2013), the unavailability of the traditional communication infrastructures can be addressed through the use of social media platforms. He noted that emergency managers utilize the bookmarking features of popular social networking sites and search engines to source and gather information, as well as update developments on the crisis (p. 5). Reuter et al. (2014) cautioned that disaster managers should be familiar with the challenge of misinformation that this communication may present. They argue that the ease of information sharing can lead to the spread of false reports that could create panic and fear in victims and their relatives (p. 22). According to Latonero and Shklovski (2011), the most efficient method for controlling the dissemination of false information is the timely provision of reliable ones by key stakeholders including FEMA and NGOs such as the American Red Cross to the public (p. 9). (167 words).


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” What is your stance on social media in emergency management? From your selected citations, it seems that you are very cautious about the spreading of misinformation. Social media is for sure a double-edged sword with this adverse affect. In my opinion I see this risk as one that should be taken seriously but not harm the positive potentials of social media like reaching a massive audience at once and creating special message boards. I agree with your last sentence where the best way to fight against false information is a steady stream of information by key stakeholders. (98 words)

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