Charities Hijacked by Terrorism? | Call Center Jobs, Once Offshored to India, Now Offshored from IndiaFor this assignment, you will choose two case studies from the four available in the following resource:

United Nations Association. (2014). The Global Citizen Student Reader: Globalization. Retrieved from: www.unausa.org.

The cases are as follows:

1) Mexican Government Advises Migrants (page 9)

2) Liberian Plantation Workers Allege Poor Conditions (page 10)

3) Charities Hijacked by Terrorism? (page 11)

4) Call Center Jobs, Once Offshored to India, Now Offshored from India (page 12)

After you choose two, and carefully read through each one, the following questions must be answered for each case study:

How, in each case, did globalization change some people’s lives? How did the changes lead to a conflict?
What was the proposed solution(s) to each conflict? How satisfactory was the solution to each party?
Can you imagine a way to avoid or resolve similar conflicts in the future, even if rapid globalization continues?
You will need to do additional research to fully answer these questions and support the points in your paper.

Each case paper will be assessed on the following:

All three questions are answered for two case studies
Strong examples, valid points, and ideas on the topic
At least two additional resources cited in APA format
2-3 pages in length
Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
Do not include your name on your paper this will help ensure fairness in grading.