TED Talk

ENG3315 Final Exam

Directions: After watching the TED talk video of your choosing from the options I provided, respond to these questions and submit your responses via Blackboard. Feel free to copy and paste the question or just respond below them and upload this document.

TED TALK OPTIONS: https://www.ted.com/playlists/194/10_talks_from_authors

  1. Which video did you choose? Why did you choose this author over the others?
  2. Before you watched the video, what did you expect it to be about? Did the content of this video surprise you?
  3. What is one “take-away” about writing that you plan to consider when writing your next paper?
  4. What is one “take-away” about writing that you plan to consider when writing down the road? This question really means what might you change about your writing IN GENERAL in the future as a result of watching this video?
  5. What is one element of your writing that you feel you’ve improved on during the course of this class? Be specific. If you are honest with yourself and don’t feel that your writing has improved, why is that?
  6. Please make a suggestion on how to make this class more interesting/fun/helpful for future students. This response will NOT be graded based on your opinion of me or my teaching style. I really do appreciate your feedback and no matter what you write here, you will receive full credit so please be honest.

It was a pleasure getting to know each of you this semester. Best of luck in your remaining courses at Berkeley.


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