It’s time to submit the final draft of your persuasive essay. At this point, your course faculty member has returned to you the graded first draft of the

assignment, as well as, some insightful feedback.

For this assignment, consider all the feedback you’ve received on your first draft, including from last week’s Online+ session, and submit your 3-4 page

persuasive essay based on the following criteria:

An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.
Three body paragraphs that each focus on a separate major detail.
A summary paragraph that summarizes your main ideas and puts a bow on the essay.
Your reference page will list all of your sources in APA style.
Additionally, be sure to proof your essay draft carefully for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.
Applied revision and editing strategies to strengthen the essay.
Use the attached documents as a references to that actually paper (YOU WILL BE WRITING THE TOPIC OF TECHNOLOGY AND THE BULLETS UNDERNEATH IS IN THE

Make sure you have a intro and conclusion paragraph.